Chinese Super League is Coming to VR Thanks to LeSports

Virtual reality (VR) companies like NextVR have been expanding the technology into sports for almost a year now, bringing a variety of US and European events to viewers. Another company looking to utilise VR is LeSports an Internet-based eco-sports company based in China. LeSports has announced a strategic partnership with Ti’ao Dongli (China Sports Media), that gives it exclusive global broadcast rights covering five seasons for China’s top football league, the Chinese Super League (CSL).

Starting this year LeSports and its subsidiaries Zhangyu TV and Soda Soccer will live stream all 240 CSL matches in HD across mainland China, the U.S., Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Canada, and much of Southeast Asia.

Chinese Super League

As part of its collaboration with Ti’ao Dongli, LeSports is planning to deliver a next-gen sports broadcasting experience. During the course of 2016 the two companies will be testing and implementing high-speed cameras, 360-degree panoramic shots, as well as VR and AR technology.

CEO of LeSports, Zhenjian Lei, said in a statement: “LeSports is constantly trying to break through the bottleneck of traditional broadcasting using the Internet and innovation. We believe that with Ti’ao Dongli, we will be able to explore new ways to amplify and commercialize the CSL on its way to globalization using our Internet-powered platforms. This will be revolutionary and exemplary for the entire Chinese sports industry, while also being a part of LeSports’ ecosystem to profit from upstream to downstream.”

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest sports and VR collaborations closely, reporting back any further announcements.