Brain Zoo Studios Unveils ‘NORA’ CGI Film

Brain Zoo Studios an Academy Award selected and Emmy Award winning CGI animation studio based-in Los Angeles, California, has revealed the first trailer for its latest film, Nora. Celebrating its 20th year anniversary, the studio aims to take the audience on an epic journey through its next original CGI animated film, which is also being developed as a virtual reality (VR) series.

Blending comedy, sci-fi and action adventure, NORA is set in a retro future where the life force of a civilization has been taken and without it all is lost.

Mo Davoudian and Farzad Varahramyan are two of the many film, VR and gaming veterans working on the project. Written with multiple industries in mind, the team have developed the film to translate effectively as a feature, VR experience, and videogame.

“This film has been on a 22 year journey for Mo and me, since we dreamed up its earliest incarnation back in college. At the heart of the story is an odd couple, their crazy sense of what’s funny, and the unconditional loyalty and friendship that somehow gets them through the craziest adventures,” said Farzad Varahramyan in a statement.

NORA is the reason Brain Zoo Studios exists today. Working with a small group of very diligent and talented artists, we successfully brought NORA ’to fruition. We used a variety of technologies to push the creative envelope from traditional rendering to virtual reality and real-time engines. But at its core, the story is about the relationships, personalities and sacrifices that we can all relate to. I’m extremely proud to share ‘NORA’ with the world!” said Mo Davoudian.

Release date details are yet to be announced, but you can watch the trailer below and VRFocus will continue to bring you any further details on NORA and its VR element.