Zanadu Expands Travel Platform with Virtual Reality App

Using immersive virtual reality (VR) technology as a means of exploring and travelling the world maybe in its infancy but the idea is being developed and pursued by a number for different companies. New to the fold is Zanadu a Chinese luxury travel website and online travel agency that has now released a VR travel app for iOS and Android.

Designed to offer affluent Chinese travellers a unique way to enhance their travel experience, the app features VR content that provides an experiential view for some of the world’s best travel destinations.

Having recently raised more than CNY80 million ($12.5 million+ USD) in its A+ financing round led by Tencent Holdings Limited, Zanadu is well-poised to collaborate with premium partners in the luxury hotels and travel industries to produce premium travel VR content.

“The luxury travel industry in China is experiencing a major growth spurt. The affluent Chinese traveller is always looking for new outlets to explore a chosen destination before making a financial commitment. Zanadu saw this demand as the perfect opportunity to create a virtual reality bridge between travellers and luxe destinations, through a unique experiential journey,” said Creative Director & CMO of Zanadu, Dirk Eschenbacher in a statement.

”With VR becoming an increasingly hot topic, this move helps to push forward the Chinese VR Market, where currently only very limited VR content is available. This will help us to become the number 1 VR travel content producer and distributor in the Chinese market and also on a global level.”

The new app also features VR travel film ”The Dream”, taking viewers onto a cinematic and immersive travel experience. The video is to be the first of many with 30-40 slated for release on the Zanadu platform and on 3rd party platforms like Samsung’s MILK and Youtube 360 over the course of the year. The company has also launched Zanadu Studio, a content production studio specializing travel themed content, both in 2D and VR. In addition Zanadu formed a strategic content partnership with Tencent Video to showcase its travel VR content on Tencent’s VR app.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest uses of VR in the travel industry, reporting back with any further announcements.