VRSE.works Brings New VR Experiences To Sundance 2016

This year’s Sundance Film Festival sees another expanded representation for virtual reality (VR) experiences, both from an entertainment and a presentation point of view. One of the content creation studios represented at the event is VRSE.Works. The production company, which recently produced Take Flight VR in partnership with The New York Times newspaper is showcasing a number of new experiences as well as being behind behind a new interactive installation at the event as part of the New Frontier exhibition.

‘A History of Cuban Dance’, directed by Lucy Walker is currently available on the VRSE app and is a a 5 minute journey through the vivid colours and cultural heritage of Cuba. Charting the development of a nation that helped define some of the planet’s most iconic dance styles.

Sundance 2016: History Of Cuban Dance (Vrse.works)

‘Click Effect’, which is coming soon to both the VRSE and NYT apps, is another film experience in partnership with The New York Times and created by James Nestor and Sandy Smolan. Click Effect follows two marine scientists as they free-dive (diving without oxygen) deep into the ocean in order to investigate the communication abilities of dolphins.

Sundance 2016: Click Effect (Vrse.works)

Film production ‘Waves of Grace’ is another VRSE.works project made in partnership, continuing a previously begun series with the United Nations. It follows Ebola survivor Decontee Davis who cares for others with the disease.  It is hoped that the VR experience will help continue to generate support for causes the U.N. is backing but that it believes has difficulty generating support on owing to a sense of ‘fatigue’ about the topic. It is also available now on the VRSE app.

Sundance 2016: Waves Of Grace (Vrse.works)

The installation ‘Treachery of Sanctuary’ has been created by Chris Milk, co-founder and Creative Director of Vrse.works as well as CEO and co-founder of Vrse was previously shown across the globe and as well as being on display at Sundance is currently on show in Stockholm, Sweden. The largest installation at the event, it that uses captured visual images of attendees to produce projections and graphical representations of the stages of life.

Attendees to Sundance can see VR experiences up until January 29th at the New Frontier Exhibition at ClaimJumper on Main Street from 1-5PM As part of the VR Bar at 136 Hebner Avenue from 5.30-8.00 PM on weekdays and from 1-3PM local time today. Treachery of Sanctuary can be found in the Swede Alley Lot within Park City, Utah where the festival is taking place.

VRFocus  will bring you more news and information about the VR events and experiences at Sundance when we get it.