The VR Job Hub: Wevr, Vrse & Marxent

Whether you’re an experienced designer, programmer, engineer, or maybe you’ve just been inspired after reading VRFocus articles – either way, you have stumbled across VRFocus’s job hub. The jobs listed here are located worldwide, from major game players to humble indie developers – the one thing they all have in common is that they are all jobs in VR.

Featured on this week’s list are: The US VR production company, Wevr, have plenty roles advertised this week asking for experienced professionals to take the leap into VR, including Full Stack Developer, Product Designer, Web Graphics Engineer, Systems Administrator, Senior Engineer for VR Platform Team, and a VR Video Compositor; Marxent, who develop augmented and virtual reality apps, are looking for a Unity3D Developer to join their labs in Ohio; west coast VR story telling company, Vrse, are also looking for multiple roles in technology development, including Web, Unity, and Mobile Platform.

View the new listings below for more information:

California, US Wevr Full Stack Developer
California, US Wevr Product Designer
California, US Wevr Web Graphics Engineer
California, US Wevr Systems Administrator
California, US Wevr Senior Engineer, VR Platform Team
California, US Wevr VR Video Compositor
Ohio, US Marxent Unity3D Developer/Engineer
LA/San Francisco, US Vrse Java Engineer
LA/San Francisco, US Vrse Mobile Platform Developer
LA/San Francisco, US Vrse Software Engineer
LA/San Francisco, US Vrse Unity Developer
LA/San Francisco, US Vrse Web Developer


Look back at last week’s post for ongoing listings.

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