Sony Release Reaction Video of RIGS at PSX 2015

It may seem awhile ago now but back in early December last year Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) hosted the PlayStation Experience (PSX) in San Francisco, California. Lots of new pieces of information about the PlayStation VR surfaced at the event fuelling the excitement for PlayStation 4 owners and VR enthusiasts alike. This week saw the release of a new video by SCE focused on attendees playing RIGS:  Mechanized Combat League and their reactions.

The video is presented by Greg Miller from Kindafunny.com who begins by trying RIGS for the first time, getting an introduction to the virtual reality (VR) videogame and its mechanics.

Miller then moves onto interviewing those attending the event, from individuals to teams that have turned up to fight it out. Getting in-game reactions from those playing and once finished. After their initial excitement from leaving RIGS:  Mechanized Combat League, the general public give their opinions on what they’ve just played, the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) and whether or not they’ll be purchasing on when it launches (naturally everything is positive).

The PlayStation VR will be the last of the big three to be launched this year, with Oculus Rift pre-orders already launched and HTC Vive pre-orders due to start in February with a full consumer release slated for April. SCE has stated the PlayStation VR will be available in the first half of 2016, although no exact date has yet been given.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news on PlayStation VR, reporting back with any further announcements.