PETA Award Given to Curiscope for Great White Shark Experience

PETA the animal rights organisation has given virtual reality (VR) education start-up Curiscope a Proggy Award for its latest immersive experience Great White Shark.

The experience, uses 360-degree VR to give viewers an up close look of a computer-generated shark in her natural habitat. Swimming freely outside the confines of a cramped aquarium tank, Great White Shark features an immersive soundtrack to compliment the 90-second film. It also includes a cross-section view of the shark’s anatomy, allowing an inside look at her internal organs and powerful muscles – giving an educational experience without harming any animals.

Great White Shark

“Sharks are sensitive, highly intelligent animals who belong in the open ocean, not imprisoned in a tank for human amusement”, says PETA Special Projects Manager Dawn Carr in a statement. “PETA is awarding Curiscope for the stunning opportunity it’s offered kind people eager to see sharks up close and personal – without subjecting any animal to a lifetime of deprivation in an aquarium. Its ground-breaking use of virtual reality points to a future when viewing sea animals is far more educational, accessible and immersive than watching sad, frustrated captives in a glass box.”

To view the Great White Shark experience viewers will need to have access to a Google Cardboard or similar head-mounted display (HMD) viewer. It can also be viewed online via VRIDEO.

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