Oculus Has Already Sold All of the Rifts It Has Made and Will Make Until March

The Oculus Rift’s March 28th 2016 release date is fast approaching, but those that will be lucky enough to actually get one on that date are already set in stone. Pre-orders now provide an expected shipping month of June 2016, and that’s likely to be pushed back even further with another two and a half months to go until these pre-orders close. Those that suspect the company might be creating artificial demand by holding some units back can rest easy, however, as kit creator Palmer Luckey has confirmed that every Oculus Rift that has been made or will be made before the end of March has already been claimed.


Luckey said as much talking to Engadget during its live stream for the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada this week. “We’ve been building stock up for a long time,” he explained. “Back in September we showed a picture of the first Rift to come off the assembly line and we’ve been working on manufacturing ever since. But we sold all of the units we’ve made so far and will make until our March 28th release date really, really fast. I can’t talk about it for financial reasons and disclosure and stuff but I’m super stoked.”

That’s a lot of Oculus Rifts, especially considering the company will also be sending out a free unit to every Kickstarter backer that pledged enough to purchase the first development kit (DK1) version of the device back in 2012, with this orders pushed to the front of the queue. The Oculus Rift costs $599 USD and will come with a number of extras including – for those that pre-ordered- CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie. Lucky’s Tale and an Xbox One controller will also be free with the device as will the Oculus Remote.

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