Nomades TV +/- 5 Meters Now Available on Gear VR

So far this week the Samsung Gear VR headset has seen new videogames Escape Velocity and Neverout from developer SETAPP, a 50% discount to Audio Arena and new virtual reality (VR) animation BUTTS: The VR Experience land on the platform. Another video has also arrived from NomadesTV called Nomades TV +/- 5 Meters, giving viewers a look at life under the waves.

The free Nomades TV +/- 5 Meters 360-degree video description reads: ” Joe Bunni invites you to join him diving in the most beautiful underwater landscapes. He will tell you all about the sensation of diving in 3D and how it feels like flying! You will dive in coral reefs, among sharks and under the ice of the North Pole. This fascinating universe is fragile and Joe will explain how it is being polluted.”


The video is large is in comparison to others available on Gear VR, coming in at 1.8GB. Users are also required to have an active internet connection before launching the app.

As new content and updates are released VRFocus will continue its coverage of the Gear VR to ring you the latest releases.