Catdance Film Festival Debuts Adoption Simulation

If you love cats and haven’t had enough of the latest virtual reality (VR) releases at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, chances are Utah could provide you with the perfect VR experience. The fourth annual Catdance Film Festival was held this week where guests took their love of felines to another level, experiencing life as an adopted cat in Lost & Found: A Cat’s Eye View of Adoption.

The Catdance Film Festival, self-proclaimed to be at the forefront of creative cat cinema, previewed the cat simulation created by Fresh Step, a cat litter brand. The viewer is able to see through the eyes of a cat being adopted, looking on as they are moved from one box to another, finally meeting the family who have accepted them.

catdance body

Deciding to take advantage of the new technology, Nick Meyer, Director of Marketing at Fresh Step, said: ‘”This year we decided to make a splash by rolling out a touching virtual reality experience that gives people a chance to see adoption through the eyes of a cat.”

Meyer wanted to impress at the festival, hosted by hit TV show New Girl‘s Hannah Simone, and went on to say, “we really wanted to kick it up a notch at the Catdance Film Festival and offer fans something new and different”.

You can check out the interactive video preview below. Stay with VRFocus for all VR film news.