SUPERHOT’s Final Release Date Coming ‘Soon’

It’s been a long road for upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible first-person shooter (FPS), SUPERHOT. The team behind the title raised some $250,798 USD for development on PC all the way back in June 2014, and the videogame has since been confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One too. Fans that backed the project are still patiently waiting for one crucial piece of information, however; a release date. Last month the studio confirmed that development was almost finished, and this week it’s teasing that the final release date will be coming ‘soon’.


The developer explained as much in its most recent Kickstarter update. “One last important thing,” the team wrote towards the end. “Soon we will announce official and final release date! Goodness gracious!” When it does launch on PC, SUPERHOT is expected to support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), which the team announced support for during the Kickstarter campaign. The title has even been featured at a number of industry events over the past year with the help of Oculus VR itself.

In SUPERHOT, time moves only when the player does. With this mechanic in place, it’s up to players to arm themselves in each level and then take down every enemy, pausing time to slow bullets and negotiate a path around danger. With the Oculus Rift it’s even possible to lean around bullets using the kit’s positional tracking support. It’s yet to be confirmed if the PC version of the title might also support the HTC Vive, nor if it could come to PlayStation 4 with support for the PlayStation VR HMD.

VRFocus will be reporting on any further updates to SUPERHOT in the run up to launch and beyond.