No Goblin Talks 100ft Robot Golf in New PlayStation Conversation

Plenty of new virtual reality (VR) experiences were revealed for the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4 last week. Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) hosted its second annual PlayStation Experience fan event, kicking things off with a keynote conference that included a big section on the device. Of all of the new experiences revealed – which included the likes of Rez Infinite and Ace Combat 7 – No Goblin’s 100ft Robot Golf was one of the most talked about and for good reason. Now the developers themselves are talking about the experience in a new PlayStation Conversation, seen below.

This new video takes a look around No Goblin’s studio in which it’s busy making one of PlayStation VR’s most insane upcoming titles. Including footage first seen in last week’s trailer, the developer’s Dan Teasdale talks a bit about the mechanics behind the title and how the team got involved with working on PlayStation VR in the first place. He also talks about the advantages of SCE’s VR solution over other PC-based devices and the decision to reveal the title on-stage at this year’s PlayStation Experience.

The title tells you all you need to know about 100ft Robot Golf. This is set to be a hilarious experience for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR in which players take control of giant mechs and take part in golf matches that use cities and mountain ranges as courses. With plenty of multiplayer features, players can charge through courses smashing down buildings that are in their path. It’s not yet revealed when the title will be available, although PlayStation VR itself won’t be launching until the first half of 2016. No Goblin also hasn’t confirmed if it could be using the PlayStation Move motion controller for the title.

VRFocus will be providing the latest coverage of 100ft Robot Golf going forward, so check back often for updates.