Moggles Turns Google Cardboard into an Edible Treat with Gingerbread VR

Google Cardboard is an undeniable work of genius; a low end virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) that offers a low-end VR experience comprised mainly of household materials and a smartphone. That concept has spread far and wide this year, providing many with their very first glimpse of VR. Moggles, a company with its own plastic smartphone-based HMD, has asked one good question; why Cardboard? The company has in past provided its own rather amusing alternative to Google’s kit for the festive season in Gingerbread VR.

Gingerbread VR is exactly what it sounds like; the Google Cardboard concept applied to a gingerbread base. In the video below the company can be seen cutting out its basic shapes to form the HMD, including space for lenses. Icing is used to hold the various pieces in place and the kit is then topped off with some chocolate treats to give it a bit of colour. It’s perhaps not the most practical VR HMD, though the user in the video does note that it gives off a great smell.

The video below was actually first revealed last Christmas, but it’s well worth revisiting towards the end of 2015, a year that has seen the Cardboard concept expand greatly with new initiatives such as ‘Works with Google Cardboard’ and core Android apps such as YouTube and Google Street View add support for the kit. If you want a Gingerbread VR, you’ll have to bake it yourself.