Oculus Connect 2 Sessions: ‘Navigating New Worlds: Designing UI and UX in VR’

We continue our look back at Oculus Connect 2, Oculus VR’s second annual developer conference and some of the newly released session recordings featuring engineers, designers and virtual reality (VR) creators.

Today’s session is on the topic of Navigating New Worlds: Designing UI and UX in VR, and it being presented by two members of Oculus staff:  Lead Product Designer Kristoffer Brady and Oculus Designer & Creative Coder Richard Emms.

‘When you’re building new experiences, they have to be intuitive to be truly immersive. We’ll discuss the challenges of designing user interfaces and interactions for an emerging medium and how we approach the constraints and possibilities of VR. We’ll cover design patterns, how to create ideal user experiences in VR, and our vision for the future of VR UI.’

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