Facebook Schedules its F8 Developer Conference

With virtual reality (VR) technology now spanning far beyond just videogames and into films, TV, education and more there are an overwhelming number of industry events throughout the year that it applies to. One show that some may not consider to be essential to the VR calendar is F8, the developer conference from social networking giant and Oculus VR owner Facebook. While Facebook does indeed own the VR specialist, its conference will be more focused on its platform as a whole. Recently the company has dated the next iteration of that event, set for next year.


F8 2016 will take place on 12th – 13th April. Those interested in both updates and access to streams for the many sessions and talks that will take place during the event can sign up over at an official website.

With Oculus VR hosting its own annual developer conference in Oculus Connect and keeping its relationship with Facebook at arm’s length for now, you might think that this show will have no relevance to VR at all. However this year’s show saw Oculus VR Chief Scientist Michael Abrash take to the stage to give an in-depth talk on VR and its potential. Hopefully VR fans can expected an equally engaging session at next year’s event, by which time the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) itself should be on sale.

VRFocus will continue to follow F8 and all other VR events closely, reporting back with the latest on them.