VR Jam Winner Daydream Blue Comes to Gear VR

Earlier in the year Oculus VR hosted an official virtual reality (VR) development jam to support its mobile-based head-mounted display (HMD), Gear VR, which is made in partnership with Samsung. The contest saw hundreds of entrants competing for cash prizes, creating new VR videogames and experiences for the device. One of those entries was Daydream Blue from RalphVR, which ended up winning a $100,000 USD Gold award. Just under 3 months on and RalphVR has this week released the experience for all to play on Gear VR.


Fans may remember Daydream Blue for its striking low poly art style, and a handful of developers may well have seen it on display at last month’s Oculus Connect 2 developer conference. The first-person experience casts players as a pet robot in a campsite environment and lets them take part in activities such as playing golf, fishing, crafting items and more. It is inspired by RalphVR CEO Richie Hoagland’s experiences going up in Kentucky.

“We like to describe Daydream Blue as a dreamlike valley full of lakes and surprises,” Hoagland said of the launch.  “It’s a virtual world where players can explore, discover mini-games, craft items, and unlock additional content the longer they play.

“We’re focused on a truly mobile VR experience. You’re having a hard day at work, so you open your backpack, pull out the Gear VR, boot up Daydream Blue and play fetch with your robot buddy without leaving your desk.”

RalphVR has at least six months’ worth of updates planned for Daydream Blue, bringing new features to the title well past the launch of the consumer Gear VR in November 2015.

VRFocus will continue to follow Daydream Blue closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the title.