VR Hackathon the ‘Anthronaut Experience’ Taking Place This Month

Taking place in Stockholm, Sweden this month is a virtual reality (VR) hackathon event called the Anthronaut Experience. Hackathons are intense events usually held over a couple of days, where enthusiasts and professionals devise and implement ideas for software, sometimes with a theme. The Anthronaut Experience is looking to explore what it means to live in the Anthropocene.

What is the Anthropocene? The Anthropocene is considered the age of humanity, or  ‘a proposed epoch that begins when human activities started to have a significant global impact on Earth’s ecosystems’, on Wikipedia.


The Anthronaut Experience is looking for participants with skills in one or more of the following fields: Earth system science, resilience research, virtual reality production, filmmaking, scripting, journalism, storyboarding, programming, digital innovation graphics and design.

The hackathon is one of four Transformation Labs, associated with the Transformations Conference being held this week in Stockholm. This is the first event with the second being held in Paris, France in December. Selected participants from the first event will be invited to the second.

For those interested in pitching an idea for the event there isn’t much time left, as the closing date for ideas in Thursday 8th October 2015. The hackathon will be taking place on Thursday 22nd October and Friday 23rd October 2015, and more information can be found here.

VRFocus will be reporting on any VR experiences created at the Anthronaut Experience as details emerge.