Vivendum AR Game Arrives on IndieGoGo

Newly launched on crowd funding site IndieGoGo this week is an augmented reality (AR) videogame called Vivendum. Created by Italian developer Andrea Lagomarsini, Vivendum is seeking support to raise €22,000 EUR in the next 27 days to bring the AR project to life.

In Vivendum stories that involve a persons real world surroundings are brought to life, giving players tasks that influence how the AR videogame progresses and unfolds.

Through the successful completion of certain variables like, tests and attendance time players can generate points. The points accumulated serve as a loyalty program and as such they can be used to access the real world experiences, including travel, new content on Vivendum or physical goods. This will be achieved through an affiliates program, with other companies and other loyalty programs. The IndieGoGo campaign page lists companies and loyalty schemes including: Airmiles, Expedia, Lonely Planet, Last Minute Tour, Cyberpunk, Booking.com and more, although what is actually in place isn’t confirmed.

For backers, the four lower reward tiers up to €50 EUR feature a competition to win two tickets to Tuscany, Italy for the proposed startup party next year. The two highest tiers feature those tickets as standard.

Vivendum has yet to receive any backing, but it’s early days and VRFocus will continue to monitor the campaigns progress over the coming weeks.