V.E.C.T. Greenlit on Steam, Gets Release Window

Earlier in the year VRFocus reported on the launch of a Steam Greenlight campaign for a new virtual reality (VR) compatible shooter by the name of V.E.C.T., developed by indie studio Cepheid Games. The developer also launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding attempt for the title, though it fell short of raising its goal of $9,000 USD. That doesn’t seem to be slowing the developer down however, as it has today announced that V.E.C.T. has passed its Steam Greenlight campaign and will be arriving on PC in the near future.

VECT Screenshot

The developer took to its Greenlight page to thank those that have supported the project thus far, noting that it will have more updates to share on the title in the run up to its release in early 2016. The title will be launching with full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), the consumer version of which will also be releasing within the first quarter of next year. It’s not yet clear, then, if Cepheid Games intends to launch the project before that release of if V.E.C.T. could become a part of the launch line-up for the device.

V.E.C.T. stands for Virtual Equilibrioception Cancellation Trainer. The title is an on-rails arcade-style VR shooter inspired by N64-era videogames in which players pilot a ship through surreal, sci-fi environments, blasting obstacles in their path for points. With the Oculus Rift, players can steer their ship around items by tilting their head to each side. Cephied Games also hopes to bring the title to the HTC Vive in time along with the PlayStation VR HMD on PlayStation 4, Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.

VRFocus will continue to follow V.E.C.T. closely, reporting back with any further updates on the project.