Strictly Come Dancing 3D VR Experience Arriving This Weekend

The BBC has already experimented with virtual reality (VR) technology. Last year saw the group partner with BDH to launch an app that was compatible with the Google Cardboard mobile head-mounted display (HMD) and uniquely showcased a VR visualisation of a poem from celebrated World War 2 poet, Siegfried Sassoon. Now the BBC is taking another look at VR, this time using one of its most popular shows, Strictly Come Dancing, as the basis of a new 360 degree experience set to launch this weekend.


The Mirror Online reports that the BBC will be releasing this new experience on 4th October 2015. Using 360 degree camera rigs, the experience allows viewers to be transported to the dance floor of the show, which sees celebrities paired with professional dancers and then perfecting routines in a weekly competition. With the app releasing on the Android operating system (OS), viewers will be able to slot their phone into a Google Cardboard and be able to look around this studio as routines are performed. The piece reportedly also works with Gear VR, for those with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4.

The experience is also available in 3D according to the report, which is something that’s not commonly seen in other 360 degree live actions experiences.

“Placing the camera in the middle of the floor was a new challenge for us choreographically as it meant that the routine needed to be constantly moving in every direction,” Show Choreographer Jason Gilkison told the site.

“As well as giving the live audience and viewing public a full and beautiful routine, we wanted to make sure that those wanting to view through the 360 camera would be able to see things not necessarily picked up on our studio cameras.”

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