Purple Pill VR Video Apps Now Support iOS

Purple Pill VR a virtual reality (VR) company that films and produces cinematic VR experiences, along with creating tools and resources to help other producers do the same, has revealed its video applications now support Apple’s iOS operating system.

The company’s VR AppFactory, which is currently in closed beta has been designed for 360 degree content creators that want a branded application that supports all of the pro features that make VR even more compelling than just plain 360 degree video. Features like support for stereoscopic 3D and spatial audio for example. The VR AppFactory will be a place where filmmakers can easily upload hi-res videos, artwork and logos, and then let Purple Pill VR turn them into a branded, multi-platform video applications. The VR AppFactory already supported Android, Samsung’s Gear VR and the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), and now that support has made its way to iOS.


Purple Pill VR has built the app from the ground up with the Unity game engine. The company explains its decisions to use Unity for building an app on its blog: “An app based on the architecture of a game engine (Unity) is much more versatile than a platform like YouTube will ever be, since it allows us to add custom features and interactive “game-like” elements to the video experience.”

But there were issues with using the game engine: “Unity is not build to playback video very well and we had to do a lot custom coding to get it working flawlessly.”

The VR company is still looking for people to join the closed beta. If you have a project near completion, but are struggling with how to distribute the content you can find further details of the VR AppFactory here.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates from Purple Pill VR, reporting back on any further announcements.