Project CARS’ Big VR Update Now Live

Project CARS, the popular driving simulator from UK-based developer Slightly Mad Studios has now received its 5.0 patch. The large update features a host of additions and improvements for the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD).

VRFocus reported earlier this week on the coming update, which now includes support for Oculus VR’s latest 0.7 software development kit (SDK). Oculus VR has confirmed that the first full production version of the kit, SDK 1.0, will be launching in December 2015, so the next two SDK’s, 0.8 and 0.9 should be landing in quick succession. Slightly Mad Studios has said it will ‘keep at it’ until the VR support is at a level the developer is content with.


The changlog of VR details are list below, or follow this link for the entire rundown.

  • Improved support for Oculus Rift rendering to desktop and headset simultaneously.
  • Added command line option -vrfullscreen for use when using second screen, to use whole screen instead of windowed mode.
  • Amended driver head offset when in Oculus Rift mode – defaults to 0.0 but can be set using command line -vreyeoffset amount.
  • Added HUD position editing control keys to the existing HUD editing setup: AD – left/right, WS – up/down, ZE – in/out. (Note that this doesn’t save yet between game restarts. We have this working internally now but it missed this patch, so will be coming your way very soon)
  • HUD and Menu system is now located in world and car space instead of attached to the player’s head.
  • Updated to Oculus SDK
  • NOTE – If you experience a black flicker/flash in the right eye view when playing in VR, please ensure that you have VSync enabled.

 VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements for Project CARS, reporting back with the details.