PlayStation VR’s Loading Human Will Feature a Kiss Scene

As virtual reality (VR) technology progresses, the industry is inching closer to realistic interactions with virtual characters. Motion and position-tracked input solutions such as PlayStation Move, Oculus Touch and the SteamVR controllers are bringing players closer than ever to responding to fictional people as they would real ones. As with most aspects of VR, it’s still a long way from perfect, but that isn’t stopping some developers exploring this area. One such developer is Untold Games, the team behind the upcoming first-person adventure videogame, Loading Human.


In fact, Loading Human is set to feature what could well be the first VR kiss scene. CEO Flavio Parenti said as much to VRFocus in an interview that will be published later this week. “There is this character named Alice,” Parenti said, explaining the plot of the videogame and Untold Games’ work with character interactions. “She’s the woman you’ll be falling in love with and she’ll kind of mess up the plans that you were supposed to do. And we want the [player] to actually bind with the character.

“So the first time we meet Alice you have to shake her hand, physically shake her hand. Or there’s a moment when there will be a fire in the greenhouse and she’ll be so scared she won’t move. So you actually have to take her hand and grab her outside of the greenhouse. She will kiss you. So you will have a kiss scene. Those are all experiences related to the virtual reality characters,” he concluded.

It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out as other developers are yet to attempt to capture this sort of intimacy between 2 characters in a virtual world aside from the intentionally hilarious Alien Makeout Simulator. Players obviously would be able to feel the other character as they got closer, but could use the given HMD’s (in this case PlayStation VR) positional tracking to lean in.

Loading Human is hoping to release the first of 3 chapters alongside HMDs this year and is also expected to arrive on the Oculus Rift. VRFocus will continue to follow the title closely, reporting back with the latest updates on it.