Orb VR Labs to Focus on Streaming VR & AR Video

Founded in 2014 by five passionate veterans of film, VFX, post production, telecom and product design, Bangkok based Orb VR Labs has announced their revised focus on creating new ways to visualise stories on mobile devices. With an R&D office in Chang Mai, the company is now developing the technology needed to build 360 degree immersive experiences. 

Orb VR Labs propose solutions the can increase mobile operators average revenue per customer (ARPU) and drive more 3G/4G/LTE data consumption. Mobile users can enjoy an innovative VR or 360° experience from literally any place by using Orb VR Labs’ in-house developed wearables. Mobile operators can benefit from this new content and deliver it to handsets over the company’s streaming platform.


“It happened over a few days, we were discussing stuff as we normally do and our discussions kept landing back to VR, AR and 360°. Our unique combination of talents, skills and resources created a lab type of studio where our sole purpose is to create innovative ways to tell new stories,” says Bryn Cadman, former VFX supervisor.

“VR is exciting, where by film making you have to follow certain rules, virtual reality requires completely different approach and mindset. The immersive experience is very wild. The sky is not the limit,” says Lex Luther, Film Director.

Previous works from Orb VR Labs include clients such as Toyota, Nissan, Grey Advertising and Prism.

“Our focus is on content creation and building the infrastructure and technology to produce cinematic virtual reality that matches the scale and quality of modern film craft”. Sreeram Ramanathan, speaks from his base in Mumbai from where he represents the Indian extension of Orb VR Labs.

No further information on Orb VR Labs’ internally developed hardware nor the new experiences they will create for this platform have yet been revealed, however VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest information from the immersive video production company.