Oculus Beta Version of Monstrum Now Available

Team Junkfish the developer behind survival horror experience Monstrum, has revealed on its Steam page, version 1.2 update. The update means the virtual reality (VR) Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) support is now available, but only in a beta form. The studio still has issues to fix, but its at a stage where feedback from the community is being sort to find and fix any further problems.


The full update change log for V1.2 – beta update is shown below:

Opting-in to the Monstrum Beta

  • Right-click Monstrum in Steam library and select “Properties”
  • Go to “Betas”
  • Select “public_beta” from the dropdown


  • Oculus Rift DK1 Support
  • Oculus Rift DK2 Support
  • Please refer to the Oculus release notes within this change log before attempting to use this feature

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed issue where Monster would get stunned incorrectly at Helicopter steam pipes
  • Fixed issue where monsters would slow down at stairs
  • Fixed issue where the Hunter would not react to the player while escaping from a locked room
  • Fixed issue with death animations while holding the Sub Room trolley
  • Fixed issue with the Hunter disappearing while spawning from a ceiling vent
  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of monsters


  • Fixed issue where the Sub Console and Helicopter would get destroyed simultaneously
  • Fixed issue where getting dragged from under beds would cause collider issues
  • Should no longer be able to stand on top of the sub trolley


  • Fixed issue with Fiend music crescendo
  • Fixed Audio stutter at steam pipes



  • Monsters should be more reliable at accessing power locked rooms
  • Improvements made the Hunter’s Locked Room escape logic
  • Improvements made to the Fiend’s unlocking door logic
  • Improvements made to the Fiend’s light disruption logic
  • Improvements made to make sure monsters do not find and kill the player unfairly


  • Changes made to rendering models in the Engine Room
  • Removed gamma images from the in-game gamma options menu

Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the engine room (DX11 related)
  • Item disappears from hand when paused (Oculus related)
  • Game over screen sometimes in wrong position (Oculus related)

Monstrum is a first-person horror experience that places players on a derelict cargo ship. Players must explore that ship, searching for an escape route. The title features a permadeath system, so that, when players are caught and killed by enemies on board, they’ll have to start over from scratch. The ship is also procedurally generated, meaning that players will have to navigate through new ships every time they restart.

VRFocus will continue to follow Monstrum‘s progress, reporting back with the latest updates from Team Junkfish on the project.