New To VR: Take A Walk Through An Indian Roof Garden In K52 Terrace VR Tour

Tuesday brings another virtual reality (VR) experience that is more exploration and entertainment through VR as an art form than anything specifically interactive or user driven.

K52 Terrace VR Tour

Developed by Digital Art VRe, the K52 Terrace VR Tour is a fully rendered representation of a high rise real estate project that has been built in Pune in the Maharashtra state of India.  With beautiful water features, a swimming pool, a terraced garden and external activity areas for games, barbeques and even an outdoor gym it is quite the project let alone one on a roof terrace.

Supporting the Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display (HMD) and compatible with version 0.6 of the supporting software, K52 Terrace VR Tour is available now as a free download on Oculus VR Share.

You can see a video walkthrough of the project, in part, below:

Tomorrow on New To VR, where VRFocus will be stepping away from Oculus VR Share and back on to Steam for another experience both new and potentially familiar.