New To VR: NEO Becomes The ONE As Jaunt Launch Cinematic VR Camera

This morning on New To VR we move briefly away from the software side of things and into the world of hardware for an announcement from virtual reality (VR) camera developers Jaunt. With the increase in development of cinematic VR experiences, VRFocus has reported a lot on Jaunt in recent months including news on new partnerships, large scale funding from the likes of Disney and the release of new VR experiences.

The first professional quality camera, Jaunt have now officially launched the Jaunt ONE cinematic VR camera, the device formerly known as NEO. To be clear this isn’t something available to buy outright but is, instead, available exclusively to all of Jaunt’s partners.

Jaunt ONE

Available in two configurations; the J1-25G and J1-24R (available in 2016), Jaunt believe the Jaunt ONE covers all aspects of filming that could be required, be it high resolution time-lapse recording or low light operations. The Jaunt ONE comes alongside Jaunt’s digital production toolset, including Camera Manager, Asset Manager, Cloud Rendering using proprietary light-field based stitching algorithms and Jaunt’s own Distribution Platform. Post-production audio also allows access to Dolby’s ATMOS toolset.

You can see the spec listing for both cameras below:

Jaunt ONE

VRFocus will be continue to bring you the latest news of VR developments both in the world of software and creation engines and the world of hardware. Be it cinematic, haptics, head-mounted displays (HMDs) or other experience enhancing tools.