New To VR: Move Beyond The Real For 1st Person Tripper: Virtual Surreality

It is Friday once again and time for us to round off another week with one final item from Oculus VR Share – and this time things are getting surreal.


What happens when you combine optical illusions with the power of virtual reality (VR)? That’s the idea behind new experience 1st Person Tripper: Virtual Surreality; a VR experience in which you take a trip through a unique gallery that allows you to interact with and even enter various three dimensional illusions.  Some you will likely be familiar with, others you will not be, but you have certainly never been immersed in them quite like this before.

Developed and published by schmidtec, 1st Person Tripper: Virtual Surreality supports the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMDs) and is available to download for free from Oculus VR Share. You can find a video giving a quick fly-by through the gallery here:

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