New To VR: Contemplation And Emotional Visualisation In Floating Euphoria

Another week begins on VRFocus which means another item that is new to virtual reality (VR).  In fact we begin this week in much the same was as we begun the last, with a VR experience that is more about art and recreation than something with a competititive element like a videogame.

Floating Euphoria

Created by developer Altered Scapes VR,  brings you a world designed to alter your emotional landscape. Combining a changing VR environment with other aspects such as verbal suggestion and breathing techniques to create an experience that encourages meditation, visualisation and contemplation of self. An internal exploration title. Through this and the environments within the experience it is hoped users will be able to reach a state of balance within themselves and beyond that to a euphoric state of happiness – hence the name.

Currently seeking additional funds to expand the program further through its Indiegogo campaign, the prototype of Floating Euphoria is available to download via the Oculus VR Share content platform. Those interested in trying it out will require a DK2 version of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

Floating Euphoria

Tomorrow on New To VR, VRFocus is off to India for another very different experience. Be sure to join us then.