New To VR: Jelly Fling With Navi – Not Quite What You’re Expecting

Not to be confused with the fairy from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Navi is in fact some software that allows you to turn your smartphone into a controller that you can use in virtual reality (VR) simulations.

Jelly Fling with Navi

Developed by Vasanth Mohan, Jelly Fling is one of two technical demos showcasing open source script Navi in action, both of which have made their way onto Oculus VR Share. In Jelly Fling you are floating through space armed only with a slingshot, controlled by your gyro equipped smartphone. Angling the slingshot you must shoot the various ‘jelly beans’ on the screen by dragging the elastic back via your touch screen and launching them outwards by letting go.

Set against the clock, points are achieved by hitting the various sun like orbs with your beans.

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