nDreams CEO: VR Analytics Helping ‘Concentrate Our Efforts’ For Videogame Design

In a recent article looking at videogame analytics, nDreams’ CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh has discussed what metrics to analyse when the developer creates a virtual reality (VR) title like The Assembly. Studios use analytics to help develop games, with performance metrics giving valuable feedback for level optimisation.

In the article, published by Develop-Online, O’Luanaigh said: “At nDreams, like many studios, we use analytics to help develop our games. But because we’re working exclusively on VR titles, we are able to explore how analytics works in virtual reality, and play with some new methods that only VR allows. We’ve been using analytics in one form or another for the duration of the development of The Assembly.”

“Analytics gives us hard data to use when making decisions about where we need to concentrate our efforts, and provides a history of the project through a time-line of performance metrics for each of the levels,” he adds.

The Assembly screenshot

O’Luanaigh continues to explain how nDreams used gaze data to cost effectively develop content as budgets are never limitless: “Content takes a lot of time to generate, no studio has a bottomless budget for content, so we needed to make sure we were spending our budget wisely. Analytics can be used to determine what should be prioritised using heat maps generated from gaze data. It gives the content creators an idea of what areas of the game are looked at the most, and thus what should be given the most attention.”

He gives an interesting glimpse into how to use metrics to over come pitfalls in VR videogame design finally adding: “Analytics and metrics are essential to making a polished game, and VR is no different in this respect. Knowing what to analyse in VR can be tricky, as there are many metrics that experienced developers no longer think about that turn out to be critical.”

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