More Details on Opposable Games’ Salvaged Released

Opposable Games’ virtual reality (VR) title Salvaged, which will support the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMDs), has had more details revealed about the crafting and ranks and mastery additions. In the developers recent blog it has explained why they were added to compliment the videogames gameplay.

In terms of the crafting mechanic the blog states: “It was always a part of Salvaged’s design to have stronger variations of all of the weapons and armour available in the game. Originally the plan was for each iteration of a weapon to unlock after a certain amount of progress through the story missions. The weapon iterations, however, naturally lend themselves to the concept of crafting.”

“The player now chooses which salvage items to sell and which to keep to build a stronger weapon or piece of armour. Through their own savvy – or lack thereof – the Salvaged experience becomes tailored and more personal to the player’s interaction with it.”


Opposable Games naturally want a closer player, videogame connection and crafting is a great way of doing this. Being able to adapt your own kit to your play style and the draw of finding new components adds to the depth of the title.

With the rank and mastery system the developer said: “In the life of a salvager the number of kills and successful jobs under your belt dictates your worth, your skill and the respect they command. In this case once an agent has killed a certain number of hostiles their ‘rank’ will increase from Novice to Adept and finally to Veteran. The mastery system provides a permanent boost to a chosen attribute once an agent’s rank has increased. Doing this provides further customisation for the player concerning their agents”

A final launch date for the title is yet to be revealed, VRFocus will continue to follow Salvaged closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.