Microsoft Reveals HoloLens Videogame Controller

Microsoft’s HoloLens was unveiled back in January of this year, and since then has regularly been linked to areas outside of videogaming. Today however, Microsoft made strides forward in the world of hologram-based entertainment, revealing a new controller specifically designed for HoloLens videogames.

The currently unnamed device was billed by Microsoft as a ‘wearable hologram’. At present it appears as though it’s a simple communicator held in the hand that relays to the HoloLens itself, allowing for holograms to be projected onto the device. However, very few details are available aside from the imagery included on this page. Software is being developed specifically for the device, which VRFocus will report back on in the very near future.

HoloLens Project XRAY screenshot HoloLens Project XRAY screenshot HoloLens Project XRAY screenshot

The HoloLens development kits are set to launch in early 2016, priced at $3,000 USD. No further details on the videogame controller – including whether or not it will be included as standard – have yet been revealed. However, VRFocus will endeavour to uncover more details on the device reporting back with any further information.