Microsoft HoloLens Tour Details Announced

Microsoft has surprised everyone with lots of new information for the company’s HoloLens mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) today. With a new videogame demo, controller, price and launch details for the developers edition there’s a lot to be excited about. Now revealed are details of a tour around the US for developers to get their hands on with the HMD.

Microsoft wants to offer developers the opportunity to get a first-hand demo of HoloLens and meet a member of the development team to learn more about creating holographic experiences. The tour will be heading to 11 cities around the US, and spaces are limited, so those interested will need to register here.

HoloLens Developer Edition

The list of cities and dates are as follows:

  • Seattle – October 13th – 16th
  • Toronto – October 19th – 22nd
  • Salt Lake City – October 20th – 22nd
  • Chicago – October 26th – 29th
  • San Francisco – October 26th – 30th
  • Los Angeles – November 2nd – 5th
  • New York City – November 2nd – 5th
  • Minneapolis – November 9th – 11th
  • Phoenix – November 10th – 12th
  • Atlanta – November 17th – 19th
  • Austin – November 17th – 20th

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest announcements from Microsoft on the HoloLens and report back.