Merge VR to be Available at Retail Stores

Last month Merge VR announced a partnership with GAME that would see their forthcoming head-mounted display (HMD) made available via the UK retailer’s online store. Following this announcement comes the reveal of a distribution deal that will extend to GAME’s physical retails stores.

The UK’s leading videogames retailer signed a deal to exclusively offer the Merge VR HMD at each of their UK stores, with plans to expand the product to all 557 stores, including those in Spain. The device has already been confirmed for launch on 30th October 2015 – the same day as the Oculus VR and Samsung collaborative Gear VR – and will be distributed to stores before holiday season.

Merge VR HMD

“Virtual Reality is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. With gamers eager to see what’s coming next, we’re incredibly excited to give our customers exclusive access to this new gaming technology,” says Charlotte Knight, UK Retail MD at GAME. “At GAME, we’re passionate about making gaming accessible for everyone. The Merge VR headset does exactly that, offering the virtual reality experience to gamers and families. For those thinking about Christmas gifting, the Merge VR headset is the perfect present for under £50.”

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, the Merge VR HMD is made of a soft, lightweight foam and adjustable lenses make it easy to optimise the display for each person. Furthermore, it was recently confirmed that the Merge VR HMD will support dual inputs allowing for interaction with the virtual environment, whether it’s shooting, jumping, or simply pausing and playing a video.

“Our virtual reality products make it so easy to jump into these new worlds – it’s amazingly powerful,” says Andrew Trickett, Co-founder of Merge VR. “With new VR content being created every day, and 360 degree video gaining popularity, virtual reality is becoming a mainstream form of entertainment.”

Pre-orders for Merge VR are available through GAME’s website and retail locations throughout the UK. Merge VR will also be launching pre-orders in the US this month and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.