Manatt Digital Media Releases ‘The Reality of VR and AR’ Chart

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) set to impact videogames, film, TV, medicine, education and much more, it’s already hard to keep track of everyone that’s working with the technologies. Plenty of companies have released charts and graphs that help to gather all of this data in one place – one of the more recent attempts specifically detailing VR in Europe – and now Manatt Digital Media, a venture capital and legal firm, has released its own set of data and predictions that should help people keep up with the industries.

The company has released a new chart, seen below, asking and answering several questions about both VR and AR technology. Along with companies working in the various sectors of the industries, it keeps track of some of the more notable investments in recent years, as well as discussing where the market shares will fall, which companies are leading the charge, and what content is on the way. Towards the end there’s also some speculation of which other significant groups may get involved with the tech in the next year.

VR is now close to hitting the consumer market, with the release of Samsung and Oculus VR’s mobile HMD, Gear VR, expected next month and the limited launch of Valve and HTC’s HTC Vive in time for the holiday season. 2016 will follow up quickly with the launch of the Oculus Rift in Q1 2016 while Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) PlayStation VR HMD for PlayStation 4 will also be showing up in H1. The wider release of the HTC Vive will also be taking place next year, while Microsoft will be launching the development edition of its HoloLens mixed reality (MR) kit within the first 3 months.

VRFocus will continue to follow both VR and AR technology closely, reporting back with the latest updates on both.