Making360 Kickstarter Aiming for Stretch Goals

With virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360 degree video becoming technology buzzwords, the growing industry is seeing a lot of interested parties exploring these new mediums. 360 degree video is especially becoming popular for amateur filmmakers as cameras like the 360fly are now available, as well as rigs for multiple GoPro’s. But being such a new medium a lot of people will be using trial and error to learn, as teaching materials aren’t yet common place. Which is why a Kickstarter was launched called making360: an open source guide for 360 video creators.


making360 2

The Kickstarter crowd funding campaign is in its last seven days and has so far raised $2,508 USD, greatly exceeding its $314 USD goal. The team behind the campaign Vicki Huang and Fabien Soudiere wanted to build a community by sharing everything they’ve learnt about making professional 360 degree videos over the previous 3 years. making360 is a book split into 2 sections over 57 chapters. The first section focuses on ‘Problems of Shooting’ while the second is aimed at ‘Problems of Stitching’.

While the funding goal has been hit, the team are still aiming for the stretch goals. The first at $10,000 USD will allow Huang and Soudiere to create video tutorials for each of the chapters. The second stretch goal is at $20,000 USD is aimed at audio and the complexities of sound in a 360 degree video.

VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest VR Kickstarter campaigns, and the final outcome of making360.