Licht² Arcade Demo Video Released

Licht, a short adventure title by IndieNerds was released back in 2013 with virtual reality (VR) support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and Leap Motion. Now the developer has released a short video for a follow up titled Licht² Arcade.

The original was a simple puzzle based affair, focusing on exploration and experimentation, by collecting glowing orbs and interacting with surroundings. From the new video released, Licht² is a far more action, arcade shooter type of title. Developer IndieNerds describes it: “This started out as a test of an enemy for LICHT², but ended as a separate game that works really well so far. It’s a bit like Geometry Wars, but at the same time the explosion mechanics make it something unique.”

As shown in the video below, the glowing orb is still central to the videogame, but now there are enemies to shoot as players make their way through a gigantic labyrinth, with an introduction of a highscore system.

On a Reddit post by IndieNerds, the developer is also considering a first-person viewpoint as a possible game+ mode to add further replay value.

No release date has yet been announced for Licht², but VRFocus will continue to follow any further developments and will report back.