Graphine’s Photorealistic VR Textures Unity Plug-In Gets a New Price

Virtual reality (VR) developers may well have heard of graphics middleware company Graphine over the past few years. The company is offering a number of development solution plug-ins to help create photorealistic environments within VR environments. One of these tools is the Granite SDK, which offers high quality texture streaming. This week the company has announced a new price for the Unity 5 version of the Granite SDK.


The plug-in can now be purchased for $349 USD or paid for instalments of $20 a month. The company has also released a new version of the SDK, offering more features. The kit is also available on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

“Keeping accessibility in mind we also focused a lot on making the plugin very easy to use,” Graphine explained in a new blog update. “You can start streaming your textures with only a few clicks. The plugin integrates nicely with Unity and extends the Unity editor. You can easily import images up to 32Kx32K, UDIM patches or tiled image formats with a total size of 256Kx256K from within the editor.”

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