Futuremark Requires Software Engineer for VR Benchmarking

Virtual reality (VR) technology has a lot of ardent supporters, from industry professionals to videogame enthusiasts. But while those current supporters are enough to push the technology to market, to make this endeavour a financial success it needs to become mainstream. And part of that mainstream consumer success will come from benchmarks that easily spell out VR system performance to ensure convincing and comfortable VR experiences. Finnish company Futuremark is a benchmarking company looking to grow its VR team, and is now advertising for a software engineer.


Based in Espoo, Finland just outside of the countries capital Helsinki, Futuremark is looking for a talented developer to join its growing VR team in a full-time, permanent position. The company requires someone to help develop VRMark, a VR benchmark that uses a combination of software and hardware to measure VR system performance, latency, and accuracy. Full details are listed here, but applicants are required to have a strong C++ programming ability, an M.Sc. in Computer Science or a related field and a minimum of 3 years of professional programming experience.

Futuremark creates 3DMark and PCMark, two popular benchmark programs. The company works with leading technology companies such as AMD, Intel, Microsoft and NVIDIA to develop benchmark tests for PCs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

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