Full Apple Pie Jones Title Coming to HTC Vive & Oculus Rift, Trailer Released

Back in May 2015 VRFocus reported on the reveal of a brand new virtual reality (VR) experience named Colonel Apple Pie Jones. The title served as developer Slice VR’s entry into Austin-based Owlchemy Labs’ official HTC Vive Room Scale jam, and utilised the SteamVR controllers that come with the upcoming head-mounted display (HMD). Several months on and it’s now been revealed that the title is in full development as Apple Pie Jones, and will also be coming to the Oculus Rift. A trailer for the experience was recently released, and can now be seen below.

The news comes from Slice VR’s official website, which notes that the concept for the title is being taken ‘to the next level’ and is being expanded into a full videogame that’s on its way to ‘all major VR platforms’. While specifics HMDs aren’t outlined, the trailer below was released for last month’s Oculus Connect developer conference, providing a good indication that it will end up on the Oculus Rift. Judging by just how dependent the title is on motion controls, it’s also a good bet that it will end up support Oculus VR’s own motion controllers, Oculus Touch.

Apple Pie Jones is an explosive experience designed exclusively for virtual reality,” Slice VR’s site further explains. “Players utilize motion controllers to wield a variety of different tools, which lets them interact with the environment and cause endless chaos.”

VRFocus will continue to follow Apple Pie Jones closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress.