Frontier Developments Release Elite: Dangerous Behind the Music Video

Virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulator, Elite: Dangerous by studio Frontier Developments has a massive following and has recently been releasing several behind the scenes videos. Previously the developer released a video of the rendering team as they took viewers on a tour of the Stellar Forge galaxy-building engine and how Frontier is recreating an entire galaxy. The latest video focuses on the music and soundtrack to the title.

Music has a pivotal role in any videogame creating mood and atmosphere, and Elite: Dangerous is no different. Head of Audio, Jim Croft introduces the presentation before moving on to the teams composer, Erasmus Talbot who is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Talbot was initially a sound designer in the videogame industry, using other composers works. He then moved onto remixing before eventually becoming a composer himself.

Talbot talks about his influences and how the videogame’s soundtrack uses a mix of different styles, from minimalist music, ambient, electronic and sci-fi scores. And while the composer did develop most of the music on his computer, he also used session musicians to bring a greater depth to the compositions.

Frontier Developments will soon be releasing its first expansions under Elite Dangerous: Horizons, with the first being ‘Planetary Landings’. This expansion will allow players to land on airless worlds using the all-new Surface Recon Vehicle (SRV) the ‘Scarab’ to explore the planet surfaces.

VRFocus will continue to follow the latest updates to Elite: Dangerous as new details are announced.