Fever The Ghost Release VR Music Video for “1518”

Virtual reality (VR) music videos do exist but they are few and far between currently. That list of bands who have delved into VR include Foals and The Donnies The Amys. Now Los Angeles outfit Fever The Ghost has embraced the technology care of digital wizard Lionel Williams, for their latest release “1518”.

The band premiered the VR music video on NOISEY, with Williams explaining: “‘1518’ is an augmented reality video made with Unity where one can pivot & look around a celestial environment with a phone / tablet – as well as with a computer using the arrow keys that appear on the video.”

“The footage was shot at the center of a black hole, where 360 degree realities are apparent from all angles of human ocular vestiges, achieved merely by the alchemical compounding of mercurial gauze and the potentiality of sight-based-probability. Blue gold transmuted higher dimensional knots out into single strands of animation, which illuminates the pathway of inner archaic futures, i.e. paradoxical bath time,” he adds.

The 360 degree VR video can be viewed via a compatible browser and controlled with a mouse or the WASD keys, it can also be viewed on a smartphone through YouTube for the 360 degree experience. If you own a Google Cardboard or similar  head-mounted display (HMD) you can view the video in full VR for a more immersive experience.

“1518” appears on Fever The Ghost’s debut album Zirconium Meconium, which is out now on Complicated Game(US) / Heavenly Recordings (UK). VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest VR announcements regarding the technologies use in the music industry.