Disney Reveals AR App That Brings Colouring Books to Life

With countless iconic characters and franchises under its belt, Disney is a company that just about everyone wants to see commit to virtual reality (VR). And, to a certain degree, it has done just that, recently investing in cinematic VR company Jaunt while others work on experiences for company-owned franchises such as Star Wars. We’re yet to see Disney create its own full VR experiences, however. Until that time arrives, fans can instead get a glimpse of this unique new augmented reality (AR) app that the Disney Research Hub recently revealed.

As seen in a video below, the as-yet unreleased app allows children to colour in a picture in a book and then use a tablet to bring the character or item to life as a 3D model with the colouring intact. The app is even able to project this colouring scheme onto areas of the model not depicted in the 2D drawing. The in-depth video explains that this is made possible through a combination of real-time texturing, deformable surface tracking that runs on the given tablet and a system that evaluates the colouring book app itself.

It’s not clear how and when Disney might release this app.

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