ConiglioViola Art Work to Transform Turin with AR

Taking place in Turin, Italy is an experimental video art project that is using augmented reality (AR) technology. Created by ConiglioViola the project The Nights of Tino From Bagdad is an open work, spreading across the city and which can be enjoyed not in one single place, but rather, invites the viewer on a tour across 30 outdoor locations in the city.

The project based on a novel, Die Nächte der Tino von Bagdad written in 1907 by the German expressionist poetess Else Lasker-Schüler. A modernist Thousand and One Nights, narrating the story of Tino, a Bagdad princess and poetess, who gives up her life to render poetry immortal. ConiglioViola has taken apart the storyline to create 31 plates engraved on copper, each portraying an episode from the princess’s story.

Using the Tino app, users can frame posters with their smartphones, found around the city and watch them come alive, to assemble the story. The poster locations can be found on the art projects website, for those interested.

The Nights of Tino From Bagdad began earlier this year with each poster in the series being added gradually up until 30th November when the whole project comes to a close.

For further information more details can be found on the website, and VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news and announcements regarding augmented reality technology and its uses.