Coatsink Confirms ‘New environments, new mechanics’ for Esper 2

Revealed at the recent Oculus Connect 2 event in September, virtual reality (VR) title Esper 2 has now had some more details revealed by its UK developer Coatsink Software. In a Q and A session posted on the studios website, Paul Crabb the Chief Creative Officer and game design lead on Esper and Esper 2, discusses the sequel and some of the new ideas the team are working on.

After the completion of Esper, Crabb reveals the studio didn’t immediately consider a sequel: After we made Esper, we weren’t even sure we were going to make another VR game. Making Esper was just this really fun experience that we got to do with an interesting new technology. It was our first proper attempt at making a complete VR experience.” He then adds:” We started to hear back that people were really enjoying Esper and wanted to see more. We had plenty of ideas on how we could improve for a sequel. As we thought about it we realised there were so many avenues we could expand towards. New environments, new mechanics, new characters.”

Esper 2 Temple Entrance

VRFocus previously reported on several concept art images being released that seemed to show multiple locations, Crabb has now confirmed this: “The story continues from a year after Esper. The player will be visiting multiple varied locations, each with their own unique gameplay mechanics.”

With the addition of new locations, Coatsink Software has also modified the controls to allow greater depth to the gameplay and puzzles: “We changed the controls a little in response to some valuable feedback from Esper 1. The player can lift much heavier objects than they were able to in the first game, and they can vary the power of their throw by moving the object closer, sacrificing vision for throwing power.” Crabb continues: ” I don’t want to spoil too much, but one thing that people can infer from the fact that they’ll be visiting multiple environments, is that they’ll actually be moving around this time, instead of sitting in the same place for the entirety of the game. We take advantage of this, so sometimes a puzzle might require you to look at it from a different position in order to be able to solve it.”

So there will be a lot more to get involved with in the sequel, and more details will undoubtedly surface as progress continues on the title. Crabb reveals one further secret at the end of the Q & A saying: “There’s a secret room very early in the game. It’s really hard to unlock and I’m interested to see how long it takes for someone to find it. I’ll say no more.”

VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest news and announcements on Esper 2 as they’re released.