Citadel VR Experience Starts Kickstarter Campaign

Spanish indie developer Winged Minds Studio has launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) experience, Citadel. Started in April 2015, the studio is now looking to raise  €32,500 EUR to help Citadel VR’s progress and  fund its completion.

Designed from the ground up for VR, Citadel VR is a sci-fi shooter set on the CSS Citadel space station. The story revolves around two warring factions, fighting to gain control after a riot erupted in the section of the space station where the prisoners of war (PoW) were held. Players assume the role of a character trapped in the middle, trying to survive and escape. Fighting against the clock, your decisions will effect how the videogame evolves, with multiple endings available.

Citadel VR

One of Citadel VR’s main features will be its manual interactivity, created by Winged Minds Studio, Virtual Reality Interaction Scripts (VRIS). Created by the studio the script pack is designed to improve player interactions with physical objects in game.

The videogame will be supporting the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive head-mounted displays (HMD), alongside motion controllers like Sixense’s STEM and the Razer Hydra. There is already a demo version of Citadel VR to download from the Kickstarter page, but will only support the Oculus Rift DK2 and Razer Hydra controllers.

Currently at €776 EUR the campaign has until 9th November 2015 to hit its funding goal. The campaign does have stretch goals which VRFocus will continue to monitor as the campaign continues.