Basemark Announces Partnership with HWiNFO

Basemark, the company VRFocus previously reported had collaborated with Crytek and OSVR, to help create a virtual reality (VR) benchmark, has now announced a new partnership. Looking to create a trusted source of unbiased performance information for PC gamers, the company has teamed up with HWiNFO, a company well known amongst PC enthusiasts.

The partnership enables Basemark to add PC devices to its popular device comparison database, the Power Board. HWiNFO supports and provides extensive details for hundreds of CPUs from all main vendors and details of virtually all known GPUs from the first VGA graphics cards to the latest AMD Nano and NVIDIA Titan X GPUs. As well as CPU and GPU information, HWiNFO also offers details about many other PC components.


Arto Ruotsalainen, Co-Founder & VP Operations at Basemark said in statement: ”In order to make meaningful comparisons between different systems by using benchmark results, the users need to know exactly which components the PCs have. HWiNFO has over 20 years of experience identifying correct components on PC, thus making them the optimal partner for us on PC segment. I’m excited to be working with Martin Malik to build up the world’s largest and most accurate PC performance database, Power Board, using HWiNFO SDK.”

As Basemark continues to expand into PC and VR benchmarking, VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news and announcements from the company as it’s revealed.