“Augmented Reality is Where it’s all Heading” Says Heroes Reborn creator Tim Kring

For fans of TV series Heroes, creator Tim Kring is looking at videogames and augmented reality (AR) in particular to help uncover more of the series universe. NBC has collaborated with V Squared Labs to create an AR experience called Heroes Reborn 4D, to coincide with the re-launch of the show.

The Heroes Reborn 4D ­experience, which debuted at the San Diego Comic Con in July, used a mixture of Xbox Kinect, interactive audio, and special effects so fans could experience the shows pyro-kinetic super human abilities.

In an interview with Fortune, Kring said: “I feel like augmented reality is where it’s all heading. Virtual reality seems like the stepping stone to augmented reality. VR is where we are now, but the augmented reality experience—especially the one that we had at Comic Con—is the future. After all these years of doing this show and living in this world, I never actually had a moment where I felt like I had a power, and that augmented reality experience was the closest thing I’ve ever had.”


As well as Heroes Reborn 4D, another two titles have also been created called Heroes Reborn: Enigma and Heroes Reborn: Gemini. A first-person puzzle game for mobile devices, Heroes Reborn: Enigma will be available on 8th October 2015, for $5.99 USD. While Heroes Reborn: Gemini will be available this winter for PC and consoles. Both videogames uncover more details of the Heroes Reborn universe, and were created by Imperative Entertainment and developer Phosphor.

“I always wanted to incorporate video games into this mythology but we did not have the time. A lot has changed in the five years and we’re able to do these types of things much earlier. We built it into the writers’ room so that there were extensions from the series itself onto these two games,” said Kring.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further announcements on Heroes Reborn 4D and report back.