Augmented Reality is Being Worked on Confirms Facebook CEO

Companies working in the fields of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) generally stick to one of them, with their ideas based around creating virtual worlds or augmenting the real one. Now its been confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that the social media company is working on AR technology alongside VR via Oculus VR and its Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

At the recent Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, Zuckerberg responded to a question regarding Facebook’s involvement in AR, to which he responded with: “Yeah,” adding “It’s a bit further out,” reports TechCrunch.


And Michael Abrash, Oculus VR’s Chief Scientist sees the potential in AR but the technology has further to progress: “It’s very interesting; it’s something we’d all use if it worked well. It’s kind of seamless,” he said. “Maybe it’ll be contacts [or glasses]. You’ll have something on and it’ll be VR and AR as you choose. But right now the VR tech is past the knee of the curve. For AR, it’s harder. There are a whole host of challenges — how you do the optics and displays and get photos onto the eyes, how you have something that’s socially acceptable and comfortable all day. I think VR is here now, I think AR will be here, but it’s a long road to get there.”

Apart from the confirmation of Facebook’s work on AR, no other details have yet surfaced on implementation, designs or even a project name. VRFocus will be closely monitoring any further details that maybe announced by Facebook or Oculus VR and will report back.